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Large scale culture of hybridoma and purification of antibody services

Why is trial culture needed?

A1. If its low quality hybridoma due to long storage, it must be re-clone.
A2. Antibody is established after determining optimam condition of culture and purification.
Provision of hybridoma  
Naturalization with serum-free medium  
Trial culture:Requirement study 500ml×2 times(Cloning if you need)
Price:700,000yen   Period: 3~5weeks
Trial purification:Requirement study Only protein G
Price: 500,000yen   Period: 2weeks
Option: Gel filtration: 250,000yen/ Ion exchange: 150,000yen
Large scale culture of hybridoma  
Protein G purification  

Outstanding yield by high density culture!!

Culture scale Culture cost Purification cost
Protein G Gel filtratin or Ion exchange
5L 650,000yen 350,000yen 400,000yen
10L 1,000,000yen 480,000yen 540,000yen
20L 1,800,000yen 700,000yen 800,000yen
30L 2,400,000yen 900,000yen 1,200,000yen
≧40L Please contact us

Polyclonal antibody establishment service

Immune animals and immunity schedule are all up to you!

1. Requirement quantity of antigen

Recombinant protein: 2mg (for one rabbit ×4 times immunities)
Peptide antigen: 2mg (for one rabbit ×4 times immunities)

2. Standard immunity schedule

About 2 months: 4 times immunities × twice titer checks(ELISA)
Pre immunity blood collection First immunity Second immunity Third immunity Trial blood collection.


3. Immunity Price

Sorts of immune animals Strain Number Cost Contents
Rabbit New Zealand white 1rabit 60,000yen Quantity of antiserum is about 50ml per each
2rabits 99,000yen
3rabits 139,000yen
Rat Wistar 3rats 95,000yen Quantity of antiserum is about 5ml per each
Mouse Balb/c 2mice 60,000yen Quantity of antiserum is about 0.5ml per each
5mice 130,000yen
10mice 210,000yen
* If you wish to immunize more than 5 times, 5,000yen each time will be charged
* 10,000yen each time for extra ELIA

4. Antibody purification price

Kinds of purification Quantity Cost Period
Protein G 10ml serum 80,000yen 2weeks
Affinity with peptide column 10ml serum 100,000yen 2weeks
* The fee of peptide synthesis will be added.

5. Anti-phosphorylation antibody establishment service

Peptide design for back and forth of target phosphorylated amino acids(S,Y,T)
As option, you can order extra immune rabbit, affinity purification and absorption work.

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