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Antigen production

1. Creating antigen of recombinant protein expressed by E.coli, Insect cell, Mammalian cell

Vector to express Target gene is inserted to expression vector.
Requirement study for protein expression Expression condition is determined by small scale trial culture and purification.
Main culture Main culture is carried out with a optimal condition.
Main purification Purity and a yield of antigen are obtained sufficiently in main purification.
Solubilization For Immunization

2. Peptide synthesis as antigen

Epitope searching * If you order peptide synthesis, Eptiope searching is FOR FREE.

Cost of peptide synthesis and purification --Period of delivery: about 3~4weeks.

Conjugation of carrier protein(KLH or BSA) price /per line
Purity The number of peptide residue 3mg 5mg 10mg
>80% 8~25 81,500yen 88,500yen 165,500yen
>90% 8~25 90,500yen 99,000yen 185,000yen
>95% 8~25 98,000yen 106,000yen 191,000yen
* Peptide residue contains Cys for Carrier protein conjugation.
* For more details, please contact us.
Non conjugate protein price /per line
Purity The number of peptide residue 1mg 3mg 5mg
>80% 8~25 13,500yen 26,500yen 43,500yen
>90% 8~25 19,500yen 34,500yen 57,000yen
>95% 8~25 21,500yen 37,500yen 62,500yen
* For more details, please contact us.

Modification option

Conjugate carrier protein(KLH or BSA) price /per line
  5mg 10mg
150,500yen 237,500yen

Monoclonal antibody establishment

Myeloma cells are the key point for success of hybridoma establishment!

・We can establish high quality hybridoma, because of our original myeloma cells.
・Not only protein but also peptide will be accepted as a sample.
・You can order preparation of antigen such as recombinant protein creation and preparation", "epitope searching and peptide synthesis" and more.
・As option, you can also order western blotting or BIACORE as a antibody screening method.

1. Antigen quantity required

Recombinant protein 0.5mg (for 1 mouse× 4 times immunities)
Peptide 0.5mg (for 1 mouse ×4 times immunities)

2. Works

STEP Procedures Period Price
STEP 1 Immunity
Immune animals: 5 mice or 3 rats
Number of immunity: 4 times / Titer check: ELISA
STEP 2 Fusion and screening
After cell fusion, positive clones are selected by ELISA
STEP 3 Cloning
Positive clones are established by limiting dilution method.
About 5 clones are supposed to be delivered.
  Total 4~5.5months 800,000yen
* We will charge the full cost if more than 1 positive clone is obtained.
Option Terms Price
Western blotting Screening 50,000yen
BIACORE Affinity check between antigen and antibody 150,000yen
Subclass determination - Please contact us
* If you ask for unique screening, please Contact us.

3. Hybridoma culture at high density, supernatant obtainment, ascites fluid extraction, antibody purification

Works Contents Unit Price Period
Supernatant obtainment Culture 1L 150,000yen 1.5months
Ascites fluid extraction Balb/c mice Mice 10,000yen 1.5months
Antibody purification Protein G purification 10ml 80,000yen 3days
Ion exchange 10ml 150,000yen 10days

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