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cDNA and Genomic DNA cloning, DNA synthesis

Various responsive capabilities based on brilliant gene engineering techniques!

・We can clone a massive promoter region.
・The method for synthesizing tandem repeat DNA and optimizing the codon usage of a gene is based on our high skills.
・We can create artificial composition of genes and clone genes from species having unknown DNA sequence.
・Our service is not only for cloning of DNA sequences, but also for inserting mutation in the sequences.
・We can construct your original vector plasmid with designing promoter region, polyA region and multi-cloning sites.
  • Simple cloning
  • Artificial gene synthesis
  • 5'RACE、3'RACE
  • Genome walking
  • Mutation insertion into cloning sequence
  • Adding "Tags" and "all sorts of modified sequence"

I haven’t had any sources to clone, such as RNA, cDNA, genomic DNA, tissue and cell.

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We can synthesize target sequence as you wish.
We can create tandem repeat DNA sequence.
I have no sequence information.

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We have the following methods for cloning your target sequence with information of a partial DNA profile or DNA homology.
・genome walking

cDNA or promoter cloning cost

Works Price Delivery period
DNA cloning less than 1kbp 150,000yen 3weeks
DNA cloning between 1kbp to 2kbp 220,000yen 3weeks
DNA cloning between 2kbp to 3kbp 300,000yen 3weeks
DNA cloning between 3kbp to 4kbp 400,000yen 3weeks
DNA cloning more than 4kbp 450,000yen ≧4weeks
Modified sequence insertion such as tag addition and mutation insertion 100,000yen/per mutation 2weeks
Sub cloning to specified vector plasmid 100,000yen 2weeks
* Additional charges will be required for primer synthesis and DNA sequence.

cDNA library construction

We can make cDNA library from mammalian cell, mRNA and total RNA.
Full-length cDNA library Construction of Full–length (5'UTR-ORF-3'UTR) 730,000yen
cDNA library Including the 5' end lacking of cDNA (Competitive Price!) 540,000yen
* Frozen tissue: ≧1g, ≧1×108 cells
* Required quantity of RNA: total RNA 1mg or mRNA1μg
* Required purity: A260/A280 ratio is more than 1.8
* Initial titer for delivery: 2.5×106pfu
* Average insert size for delivery: ≧0.5kbp.

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