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Company outline

Corporate name UNITECH Co., Ltd.
Address 367-2, Kashiwa, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-0005, Japan
Description of business Study and development support for Bio medicine
1996 Establishment
1998 International Genome meeting organization committee member
1999 Participation of national project, Full length cDNA structure analysis
2001 Start service, onset of business for private corporate
2002 Enterprise of another national project, Exhaustive protein function analysis
Establishment of laboratory for recombinant protein and antibody
2008 Entry of national project, insect technology development for protein expression with Tg silk worm
Researcher There are 5 PhD, 10 Master, 1 pharmacologist, 2 veterinarians and 1 dentist etc.
Accession entity JBiC; Japan Biological Informatics Consortium, Human science
Main clients Japan, America, China
* Major pharmaceutical companies
* Leading cosmetics companies
* Colleges and Public laboratories   etc

Privacy policy

Applicable scope of privacy policy

This privacy policy is applied for services UNITECH provide.

Accession and utilization of private information

We use your private information of inquire form and e-mail only for services UNITECH provide.

Discloser of private information

We do not disclose your private information to bystander with exception below.
・When we receive agreement from the client or the entity
・When we are asked by law
・When we decide to protect our service because of the clients' fraud.

Privacy policy change

This privacy policy will be changed without permission from clients. In that case, we will announce the change on this website.

Security system

Preserving information by our original stand alone system

We built original stand alone system and keep all important information in it. Analysis trace never leak out.

Confidential agreement

We keep your needs with agreements. We trace all studies by project number. We keep confidential agreements at least 5 years.

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