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DNA Sequence

We can handle Genomic DNA isolated from frozen sections and formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections as template of direct sequencing.

Utilize your sample effectively!

We have various applications for DNA sequence.

* New SNPs discovery
* Finding genome DNA rearrangement from cancer
* Methylation analysis
Meet all your needs!

All you have to do is sending Gene information and a sample.

Provide one stop service from primer design through DNA sequence data!

You can order from any levels of procedures.

Call now about your sample status and budget!

We can protect your sequence information perfectly.

Use standalone!

We can send result reports by e-mail within 24-48 hours of sample receipt.

Direct sequencing.Plasmid sequencing flow

Direct sequencing service
*500bp is defined as “1 region”
This service is for genomic DNA sequencing and SNPs analysis.


  Concentration Quantity Total amount Temperature for shipping
Tissue Frozen fragment Formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section Cultured cells Please consult us.
Genome DNA solution ≧50ng/μll ≧100μl ≧5μg 4℃
Non-purified PCR product PCR reaction solution ≧50μl   -20℃
Purified PCR product ≧50ng/μl ≧20μl ≧1μg -20℃


PCR product creation 2,000yen/region
PCR product purification 600yen/sample
Primer design and synthesis 4,000yen/each
Plasmid sequencing service
*500bp is defined as “1 region”
This service is for sequencing the DNA fragments that cloned into the plasmid It is suitable for confirmation and identification of vector insert sequence.


  Concentration Quantity Total amount Temperature for shipping
Plasmid DNA solution ≧300ng/μl ≧20μl ≧5μg -20℃
E.coli Colony/ Glycerol stock Please contact us.


Colony PCR +PCR product purification 2,000yen/colony
Plasmid purification 2,000yen/sample
Primer design and synthesis 4,000yen/each

Price for sequencing reaction

Total reaction number from 1 to 38 2,000yen/reaction
Total reaction number from 39 to 96 76,800yen
Total reaction number more than 97 800yen/reaction
Large scale sequence: more than 10 plate Please contact us.

Others, samples as necessary

  Concentration Quantity Total amount Temperature for shipping
Primers for sequencing 10pmol/μl ≧10μl   -20℃
Please contact us in advance.
Basically we will not send back your sample. If you need to give it back, please let us know.
Please send a sample with -20℃.

Delivery of materials

Report Submission by E-mail  
CD-ROM Text data of DNA sequence
.ab1 file:Analyzed DNA sequencing data(Electropherogram)
Analysis data:contig assembly, multiple alignment etc.

Example of service

*1region means 500bp
Ex) In a case of analyzing 3kbp long DNA sequence from forward and reverse in 3 genome DNA samples
1) Definition sequence unit 3000bp÷500bp=6region
2) Primer design and synthesis 6regions×2primers×4,000yen=48,000yen
3) PCR amplification and purification 6regions×3samples×2,600yen=46,800yen
4) Sequence reaction 6regions×2primers×3samples×2,000yen=72,000yen
  Total cost:166,800yen

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SNPs analysis

DOUBLE-CHECKING by special software system and our 3 experts, and we totally prevent misjudgments and oversights of SNPs. SNPs analysis by direct sequencing
  • You can order from any process. (It is available from frozen section, formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section, saliva sample)
  • It is suitable for new SNPs discovery.
  • Accuracy of analysis is better than SSCP, because it detects DNA sequence directly.
  • Testing for reproducibility of all detected SNPs to exclude artifacts.


  Concentration Quantity Total amount
Genome DNA solution ≧50ng/μl ≧100μl ≧5μg
Tissue including Frozen section, Formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue section and saliva. Cultured cells Please contact us.

Price for SNPs analysis

Sequence analysis cost Refer todirect sequence page *
SNPs detection cost 1,800yen/1region(1region=500bp)
*SNPs analysis examines two sequence reactions (forward and reverse direction) per region

Delivery of materials

Reports for SNPs analysis  
Analysis data Alignment with regular sequence
Non-arrangement data .ab1 files
Analyzed DNA sequencing data (Electropherogram)
Text data for DNA sequence

Formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue(FFPE), which you have is an important source of materials for molecular pathology and genetic investigations.)

It is known that formalin fixation procedure lowers the success of PCR amplification because of cross-linking between protein and DNA.


We have special condition for DNA extraction from FFPE tissue based on our experiences and achievements.
Amplify the target genes correctly under the optimum PCR condition allows us to discover the SNPs.

Realtime-PCR analysis

Abundant experiences and precise techniques based on national projects!!

Even if you have leading-edge equipment for Realtime-PCR, the equipment needs to establish optimal condition of PCR for a worthy data. Our skillful experts can provide you extremely high quality analysis by SYBR Green method. Contact us before purchasing an expensive machine.

LOW COST! HIGH reproducibility! RELIABILITY!
Combining our PCR technique and SYBR Green, our analysis is superior to the Taqman probe.


Purified RNA or tissue or cell which you are interested.
(If you need to isolate RNA for purification, please refer to the next page)

Price for Realtime-PCR analysis

Primer design and synthesis for 4 primers 16,000yen/per gene
cDNA synthesis 13,000yen/per sample
Analysis 80,000yen/per gene
35,000yen/per internal standard
Realtime-PCR: SYBR Green 4,300yen/per reaction(*n=1)
*You can order number of "n" as you please. "n= 2": 8,600 yen /per reaction.

Delivery of materials

Gene expression report
Curve line data

Example of our analysis

[Example of our analysis]
The expression levels of gene A in mice having different diet.
Group A: a control group
Group B: a sample group (n=8, having special diet)
The expression level of gene A in "Group B" shows high score comparing with that in "Group A".

Example of our test

[Example of our test]
The expression levels of transgene B in main organs of a transgenic mouse we created.
The expression of transgene B was detected in 12 organs(tissues) of a transgenic mouse.

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