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microRNA Realtime-PCR analysis

We guarantee the high quality analysis for quantity of micro RNA with Realtime-PCR method!

Any sequence of various species will be a target for analysis.
Total RNA including miRNA will be used in realtime PCR analysis after gene expression analysis
This service will be suitable for quantitative analysis of specific microRNA chosen from micro-array data.
This will be with low background without pre-miRNA, because we use the method based on polyA-tailing and RT-PCR.


  Concentration Quantity Total amount
Tissue or cultured cell Please contact us.
Total RNA including miRNA ≧100ng/μl ≧10μl ≧1μg

Price for miRNA Realtime PCR

Terms Price
Primer design and synthesis: 4 primers 16,000yen/per gene
pA-tailing and cDNA synthesis 25,000yen/per sample
Analysis 80,000yen/per gene
35,000yen/per internal standard
Realtime-PCR: SYBR Green 4,300yen/per reaction(n=1*)
* You can order number of n as you please. "n= 2": 8,600 yen /per reaction.

Delivery of materials

Report for miRNA determinate quantity
Direct data

Isolation and purification of RNA

Quality of national project level!

It is a crucial step to extract RNA with high purity for various gene expression analyses.
From organs, tissue and animal, we can extract RNA as you wish


Tissue or cultured cell.
(Please contact us about quantity in advance.)


No. Terms Up to 100mg tissue or 1×107 cells of cultured cell.
1 Isolation and purification of total RNA including measurement of concentration and electrocataphoresis. refer to below
1-1 Extraction and purification of total RNA without miRNA. 7,000yen
1-2 Extraction and purification of total RNA with miRNA. 8,000yen
2 DNase treatment 2,000yen

Total RNA distribution

We also have a stock of some total RNA at reasonable price.
Available : mice, rats, pigs, Rabbit, dog and monkey
For more information, please refer to total RNA page.

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Epigenome means a control facility of gene not to depend on DNA sequence.
For instance, it is gene expression control by metylation of cytosine, acetylation of histone protein and non-coding RNA. This study becomes important in cancer research, discovering pharmacological target and biomarker.
We will contribute to develop epigenetics by receiving orders of
  • Metylation analysis
  • MicroRNA realtime-PCR analysis

Methylation analysis

  • Bisulfite-Sequence
  • Methylation-Specific PCR(MSP)
  • Realtime-MSP
The methylation status of a DNA sequence can be determined using sodium bisulfite.
Incubation of target DNA with sodium bisulfite results in converted unmethylated cytosine residue to uracil and leaves the methylated Cytosine unchanged.
And then determine the DNA sequencing to recognize existence of methylation. Besides, we can detect methylation status by Methylation-specific PCR and Realtime-MSP.


  Concentration Quantity Total amount
Genome DNA solution ≧50ng/μl ≧100μl ≧5μg
Tissue including Frozen section, Formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue section. Cultured cells Please contact us.

Bisulfite-Sequence cost

Sequence analysis cost Refer todirect sequence page*
Bisulfite conversion cost 10,000yen/per sample
* This analysis examines two sequence reactions (forward and reverse direction) per region.
* For PCR conditions requirement study, PCR primer will be made 2 sets per region.

Realtime-MSP cost

Terms Price
MSP-primer design and synthesis for 4 primers 16,000yen/per gene
Bisulfite conversion cost 10,000yen/per sample
Methylation-Specific PCR 5,000yen/per reaction
Analysis 80,000yen/per gene
Realtime-PCR: SYBR Green 4,300yen/per reaction(n=1*)
* You can order number of "n" as you please. "n= 2": 8,600yen /per reaction.

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