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iPS cells establishment service

The outstanding technique and advanced skills! High efficacy!

Our highly efficient iPS cells are generated by applied technique of "homologous ES cells" and "mass culture of protein". Our technique for regenerative medicine is worth the world top level.

Target cell reception

Send your target cell such as fibroblasts.

Retrovirus vector construction

Construct a genetic recombinant retrovirus vector from inducing factors and marker gene.

Induction of iPS cells and cloning

Induce iPS cells by infecting retrovirus designed for your purpose to a target cell. Meet your all needs.
【Quality verification】
To exhibit morphology similar to ES cells,
To check that iPS cells is positive for Alkaline phosphatase,
PCR (To check the insertion of induced factors on genome DNA).
【Option services】
Southern Blotting (To check a number of copy of induced factors on genome DNA),
Realtime-PCR (To check induced factor expression in iPS cells)

Delivery of materials

・Number of cells: 1.0~5.0×105 cells /per clone.
・About 5 clones of iPS cells/ per target cell line.

Pluripotency study of iPS cells

I) Teratoma formation and Chimeric mice

It is crucial step for stem cells and iPS cells study to know whether iPS cells have pluripotency or not.
We inject iPS cells to nude mice/Scid mice and then extract teratomas. From forms of teratomas we check pluripotency from three germ layers(ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm)
No. Terms Price Period
1 Receiving iPS cell Depend on location  
2 Culture and preparation of iPS cell Mice origin iPS cell
300,000yen/per line
Human origin iPS cell
450,000yen/per line
3 Teratoma formation by injection into mice 5,000yen/per mouse Mice origin iPS cell: 1month
Human origin iPS cell: 3months
4 Feeding mice Nude mice:120yen/per day
Scid mice:150yen/per day
5 Teratoma tissue test Anatomy and enucleation (per mouse) 5,000yen  
Paraffin embedding (per tissue) 1,500yen  
Paraffin thin section (3slices/per tissue) 1,500yen  
HE stain (per slice) 1,000yen  
Other stain Please contact us  
Compiling plan document and report 100,000yen  
* Animal purchasing cost is extra-charge.
* Human iPS cell usage will be deliberated on our ethical committee.

II) Chimeric mice generation with mouse iPS cells to F1 heterozygous mice

  • Generating KO, KI mice by experienced experts.
  • Data without technical bias.
  • Speedy work.
  • All of possession rights belong to you.
No. Terms Price Period
1 Receiving iPS cell Depend on location  
2 Culture and preparation of iPS cell 300,000yen/Line  
3 Chimeric mice generation by microinjection 750,000yen 2months
4 F1 heterozygous mice generation 470,000yen 2.5months
* We, UNITECH Co., Ltd, have a license of iPS Academia Japan for providing services.
For companies and institutions except non-profitable organizations, please contact us.

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