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Mice and rats experiments

We can support all procedures from "development phase screening" to "evaluation of drug efficacy and safety exam" for a clinical trial.
We can supply high reliability data(Mice and rats are in isolation boxes under Japan SPF. The others are in clean room.
Terms Tests
Drug efficacy and pharmacological test (non-GLP)
  • Antitumor test
  • Adiposeness test
  • Diabetes test
  • Hypertension test
  • Hyperlipidemia test
  • Bone and articular inflammation test
Safety exam (non-GLP)
  • Single administration toxicity assay
  • Repeated administration toxicity assay
Phenotypic analysis of genetically modified mice
  • General symptoms
  • Hematology test (Counting blood cells etc)
  • Biochemical test (Blood sugar level, Blood hormone)
  • Pathological anatomy test/ Histogatholotic examination
  • Gene expression analysis (Real-time PCR etc)
  • Methylation analysis of genomic DNA
  • Protein expression analysis (ELISA、Western blotting etc)
Morphologic analysis
  • Pathological anatomy
  • Pathological histology
  • Morphometry
  • Making tissue preparation

Drug efficacy and pharmacological test (Non-GLP)

I) Drug efficacy test of anticancer in vitro

・We have several kinds of cancer cells. You can use your own cells, too.
・Any kinds of cells are acceptable.
・We can implement drug screening with MTS method.
Works Cost Unit
Usage fee of cancer cells 18,000yen/per times 1 kind
Culturing cells 54,000yen/per times 1 kind
Culturing your cells 150,000yen/per times 1 kind
MTS method Reagent Each cell 150,000yen/per times
(13,000yen/per cell)
1 kind
* The fee will be changed with reagent numbers.
* The more you order number of animals , the more we can offer discount.

II) Toxicity assay

・Use of a liver cell of rats and human, etc.
・MTS method and cell counter (VICELL)

III) Drug efficacy test with xenograft animals

・This test is under Japan SPF environment.
・We can culture all sorts of tumor cells, and we have several kinds of cancer cells.
・Within 2-3 weeks from cancer samples receipt: Grouping xenograft animals by an average of sample’s weight and tumor volume.
Within 3-10 weeks after injection: Reporting an interim report.
4 weeks later from the interim report: Submitting a final report.


Award-winning service!

This immunohistochemistry enables you to detect your target protein certainly in Tg or KI mice.
We can capture your target protein clearly from 50 cross sectional fragments in organs like brain.


Even one sample and one order can be welcome.
Our service will meet all your needs. Please feel free to ask us.
We implement all of animal experiments with animal protection spirit.
  Terms mice rats
Basic Compiling plan and reports of test 10,000yen
QAU control 30,000yen
Annual document preservation (per year) 10,000yen
Ordinal feeding Feeding (per mouse/rat, per day) 100yen
Nude mice: 120yen
Measuring weight (per mouse/rat, per time) 200yen 250yen
Measuring intake of food (per mouse/rat, per time) 250yen 300yen
Measuring intake of water (per mouse/rat, per time) 250yen 300yen
Administration Intraperitoneal administration (per mouse/rat, per time) 800yen 900yen
Gavage adminiatration (per mouse/rat, per time) 800yen 900yen
Mixed feed administration (per mouse/rat, per time) 500yen 800yen
Subcutaneous administration (per mouse/rat, per time) 500yen 600yen
Purcutaneous administration (per mouse/rat, per time) 900yen 1,200yen
Intramuscular dosing (per mouse/rat, per time) 1,200yen 1.350yen
Intravenous dosing (per mouse/rat, per time) 3,500yen 4,300yen
Constant intravenous dosing Please contact us
Anatomy test, Sampling Anatomy test: Anatomy(per mouse/rat) 5,000yen 5,700yen
Harvesting organs (per mouse/rat, per organ)
Measuring organs weight (per organ)
Partial blood drawing (per mouse/rat, per time) 600yen 800yen
Collection of whole blood (per mouse/rat, per time) 2,000yen 2,500yen
Urine sampling (per mouse/rat, per time) 2,400yen 3,000yen
Scat sampling (per mouse/rat, per time) 950yen 1,100yen
Hematological and urine analysis Hematological assessment (per item) 1,500yen
Peripheral Giemsa stain 900yen/per sample
Counting WBC and RBC 3,200yen/per sample
Hemogram 2,300yen/per sample
Hematocrit level 800yen/per sample
Prothrombin level 4,500yen/per sample
Thrombin level 4,500yen/per sample
Fibrinogen level 2,900yen/per sample
Serum chemistry 900yen
Uranalysis (per item) 1,100yen
  Observation of tissue preparation 8,000yen

  Terms mice rats
Preparation of tissue specimen Paraffin embedding (per tissue) 1,500yen
Paraffin section (3 slices/ per tissue) 1,500yen
HE stain (per slice) 1,000yen
PAS stain (per slice) 1,500yen
Alcian blue stain (per slice) 1,500yen
Masson trichrome stain (per slice) 2,100yen
Elastica van Gieson stain (per slice) 3,100yen
Silver impregnation stain (per slice) 3,100yen
Berlin blue stain (per slice) 1,200yen
Kluver-Barrera stain (per slice) 1,500yen
TRAP stain (per slice) 2,000yen
Examining condition of immunostaining 250,000yen
Immunostaining (per slice) 4,300yen
Gene and protein expression Frozen tissue 3,000yen
RNA extraction 10,000yen
cDNA synthesis 13,000yen
Western blot 50,000yen
Gene expression analysis:RT-PCR, Realtime-PCR 80,000yen
DNA sequence Refer to DNA sequence page
DNA methylation 8,000yen
Xenograft mice Culture and preparation of cancer cells 195,000yen  
Tumor-bearing mice creation 2,000yen  
Twmor major axis, Volumn minor axis 2,000yen  
Measuring weight 250yen  
Drug Administration Basic cost 12,000yen  
Feeding (per mouse/rat, per day) 120yen  
Others Disease model animal creation Please contact us Please contact us
Collagen arthritis model animal creation Please contact us Please contact us
Extirpative surgery of ovary 15,000yen 16,000yen
Bone strength measuring 3,500yen 4,500yen
Density of bone measuring 3,500yen 4,500yen
Blood pressure determination: non invasive 500yen 700yen
Paw edema mesureing 700yen 1,000yen
Artery pachydermatous area measuring 4,000yen 7,000yen
Vascular blockage rate mesuring Please contact us
* Animal purchasing cost is extra-charge.
* The fee of other animals such as rabbit, small pig and dog is different from the above list. Please feel free to ask us.

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