Recombinant protein expression and purification
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Genetic recombinant virus producing service

This service is only available for academic study.
We follow Japanese law.
【Definition of P2 level handling】
  • Sequence is known in the world.
  • Genetic recombinant is safe without any toxicity and virulence.

After ordering

(1) Confidential contract
(2) Meeting about your information of genetic recombinant protein including species, gene name and accession No. of NCBI.
(3) Our safety committee will be held.

Recombinant Adenovirus creation

Adenovirus is versatile, that infects growing cell, quiescent one and mammalian one transiently!

No. Terms Contents Price period
1 Recombinant plasmid vector construction Gene introduction plasmid construction and DNA sequence of the insert 250,000yen 2weeks
2 Cloned recombinant adenovirus creation for in vitro usage.
The quantity of virus is about 10ml.
To separate Transfection virus into HEK293 750,000yen 4weeks
Titer check of adenovirus.
The titer should be 108 to 109 pfu/ml
3 Adenovirus purification for "in vivo" usage Adenovirus enlargement culture, concentration and purification with HEK293 180,000yen 2weeks
Titer check of adenovirus. The titer should be 1010 to 1011 pfu/ml 150,000yen
* The additional cost of "Adenovirus vector kit" will be needed.
We can make AAV, adeno-associated virus, which is much safer than normal adenovirus in vivo.

Control adenovirus price

Terms Price Period
Control adenovirus without promoter and foreign genes (200μL) 50,000yen -
Control adenovirus without promoter, but foreign genes (200μL) 50,000yen -
Control adenovirus with LacZ as reporter gene (200μL) 50,000yen -

Recombinant Retrovirus creation

Good for iPS cells generation and gene induction in primary cultured cells!!

We can supply high titer retrovirus having 105 to 107 pfu/ml at 48h point by using packaging cells, PLAT-E cells and PLAT-A cells. We can create up to insert 7kbp .
* This virus is for academic study only. It is not for the use of medical diagnosis and treatment for human and animals.
* Our creation products is prohibition of transfer.
* Please comply with the guideline of safety committee (government and Unitech) for production and handling of recombinant retrovirus.

Retrovirus vector construction

Order Now! cDNA cloning~ retrovirus vector construction.
We can carry out vector design as you wish. (Normal cDNA expression, co-expression of two more cDNA, siRNA expression and more)

Packaging cells: host cells

PLAT-E cells: Envelope expression derived from Ecotropic virus that infects mice and rats.
PLAT-A cells: Envelope expression derived from Amphotropic virus that infects various kinds of mammalian cells.
Terms Price Period
Retrovirus vector construction 150,000yen 2weeks
Genetic recombinant retrovirus creation in 10ml 400,000yen 4weeks
The virus titer check 250,000yen 2weeks
The retrovirus multiplication in 40ml 500,000yen 4weeks
Option: verification of infection efficiency 150,000yen 4weeks
Option: Stable cells establishment by your retrovirus 800,000yen 6weeks

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