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Feeder cell for ES or iPS cell

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MEF has been used as feeder cells for supporting undifferentiated state of ES cells.
You can use our feeder cells without anything because of mytomycin C treated cell.
Catalog No. Product Details Price
MEF Mouse feeder cell (MEF) Primary Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts (Mytomycin C treated) 5vials


・Products will be sent with dry-ice.
・Please keep products with liquid nitrogen after receiving.


・Use as a feeder cell of ES/iPS cells.
・Mytomycin C treated cell.
・Derived from 12 days old placenta
・Passage number 3
・Quality control test for all lots.
Feeder cell


Mouse monoclonal antibody

Catalog No. monoclonal antibody Lot # Concentration Quantity ELISA Western IHC Price
MM-RRM1 Anti human RRM1 mAb M04-1F6 1mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 35,000yen
MM-ERCC1 Anti human ERCC1 mAb M12-1E8 1mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 35,000yen
MM-CD44 Anti human CD44 standard mAb M01-2G5 1mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 35,000yen
* We prepare other "Lots".

Rabbit polyclonal antibody

Catalog No. polyclonal antibody Lot # Concentration Quantity ELISA Western IHC Price
UP-RRM1 Anti human RRM1 pAb Affinity Purified S0101 0.5mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 25,000yen
UP-ERCC1 Anti human ERCC1 pAb Affinity Purified S0201 0.5mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 25,000yen
UP-ERCC1-2 Anti human ERCC1(Ver.2) pAb Affinity Purified S0202 0.5mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 25,000yen
UP-h-CD44 Anti human CD44 standard pAb Affinity Purified S0301 0.5mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 25,000yen
UP-m-CD44 Anti mouse CD44 standard pAb Affinity Purified S0302 0.5mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 25,000yen
UP-Rab8 Anti Rab8 pAb Affinity Purified P0101 0.5mg/mL 100μl ×1000 ×1000 Testing 35,000yen
* We can provide a recombinant protein of antigen. You can use it as a standard or positive control.
Antigen of recombinant protein (1mg/ml, 100μl and 70% purity)

Total RNA

Quantity/Price 臓器(tissue) Catalog No. Quantity/Price Catalog No.
mouse rat rabbit pig Mini-pig dog Crab-eating macaque
Lung M01 R01 U01 B01 MB01 I01 100μg
肺腺 Thymus M02 R02 U02 B02 MB02 I02 -
肝臓 Liver M03 R03 U03 B03 MB03 I03 K03
脾臓 Spleen M04 R04 U04 B04 MB04 I04 K04
腎臓 Kidney M05 R05 U05 B05 MB05 I05 K05
膵臓 Pancreas M06 R06 U06 - MB06 I06 K06
Stomach M07 R07 U07 B07 MB07 I07 K07
小腸 Small Intestine M08 R08 U08 B08 MB08 I08 K08
大腸 Colon M09 R09 U09 B09 MB09 I09 K09
十二指腸 Duodenum M10 R10 U10 B10 - - -
精巣 Testis M11 R11 U11 B11 MB11 I11 K11
子宮 Uterus M12 R12 U12 B12 - - -
全脳 Whole Brain M13 R13 U13 - - - 50μg
大脳 Cerebrum M14 R14 U14 B14 MB14 I14 K14
小脳 Cerebellum M15 R15 U15 B15 MB15 I15 K15
心臓 Heart M16 R16 U16 B16 MB16 I16 K16
骨格筋 Skeletal Muscle M17 R17 U17 B17 MB17 I17 K17
脂肪 Adipose Tissue M18 R18 U18 - - - K18
皮膚 Skin M19 R19 U19 B19 MB19 - -
卵巣 Ovary M20 R20 U20 - - - -
Eye M21 R21 U21 B21 MB21 I21 25μg
副腎 Adrenal Gland M22 R22 U22 - - I22 -
食道 Esophagus M23 R23 U23 B23 MB23 I23 K23
大動脈 Aorta M24 R24 U24 - - - -
膀胱 Bladder M25 R25 U25 - - - -
脳下垂体 Pituitary Gland M26 R26 U26 - MB26 - 25μg
海馬 Hippocampus M27 R27 U27 B27 MB27 I27 -
視床 Thalamus M28 R28 U28 - - - -
骨髄 Bone Marrow M29 R29 U29 B29 - - K29
気管 Trachea M30 R30 U30 - - I30 -
* We can provide high quality of total RNA based on experience of joining two national projects for 8 years.
1, Anatomy
Please contact us about anatomies of your animal
2, Sample supply
Please send samples (organs or tissues) with dry ice after freezing by liquid nitrogen.
Cultured Cell: Please send more than 5×106 cells after freezing.

LB medium

LB agar plates are used for selection and propagation of E.coli which has "plasmids with antibiotics-resistant marker" and "various antibiotic resistances".
From LB agar plates with ampicillin to Custom LB ones, Order now!!

Catalog No. Product Details Price
LBA-ABF LB agar plate 1.0% Typetone, 0.5% yeast extract, 1.0% NaCl, 1.5% ager 10plates 3,200yen
LBA-Amp LB agar plate(+Amp) Including 100μg/ml ampicillin 10plates 3,500yen
LBA-Km LB agar plate(+Km) Including 50μg/ml Kanamycin 10plates 3,500yen
LBA-Op Custom LB agar plate Please contact us about your needs

Ampicillin, Kanamycin, Chloramphenicol, Sreptomycin, Tetracyclin, Carbenicillin, Zeocin etc.
10plates 3,900yen
LBA-Xgl Add X-gal、IPTG 1mg/mL 10plates +500yen


Plate size: 90×15mm
Medium quantity: 20ml ±1ml
Pack size: 10 plates


Mark of petri dishes
LB plate with Ampicillin: Blue line
LB plate with Kanamycin: Red line

Medium Composition

Tryptone 1.0%
Yeast Extract 0.5%
NaCl 1.0%
Agar 1.5%
* Antibiotic resistances added are different by products.For more details, please check the label of agar plates.

Custom LB agar plate

We will produce custom plates after an order.
Any antibiotic resistances and concentration are welcome!
For the change of media, please contact us.


Some agar plates need to be shielded against the sun.For more details, please check the label of agar plates.

Date and lot No.

Please check the label of agar plates.

Cloning starter kit

Catalog No. Product Details Price
LBA-CC Cloning starter kit LB agar plate & JM109 competent cell
・LB agar plate:10 plates (Chose LBA-Amp or LBA-Km)
・JM109 competent cell: 100μl × 10 plates
・Control DNA: 10pg/μl × 1
・SOC medium (including Mg,Glucose): 10ml × 1


LB agar plate 10 plates
JM109 competent cell 100μl × 10
Control DNA 10pg/μl × 20ml × 1


E Coli: JM109
Rate of transformation: 1 × 107 (cfu/mg control DNA)
Gene type :


Please keep it in deep freezers after arrival.

Date and lot No.

Please check the label of plates.

Expiry Date

3 months


* Rate of transformation will be down when you refreeze.
* Blue/White selection will be needed to add X-gal/IPTG into LB agar plates.

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